Friday, December 19, 2008

It will be here sooner than you think...

Christmas will be here in less than a week!
Are you ready???

I finished my shopping last night, and everything I have so far is wrapped. We're still waiting on some packages to come in the mail, so hopefully they'll be here soon.

Soon I will post some pictures of gifts and cards that I made, but not just yet. I don't want to spoil the surprise for the lucky recipients that read my blog...

What are your plans for Christmas this year? Christmas Eve, we'll be heading out to my parents' house for dinner. Christmas Day we're having my family over. I'm really looking forward to it.


Tiff said...

We stay at my mom and step dad's farm Christmas Eve and have dinner and open a few presents. Christmas morning we will have quiche (a tradition in our family) and Christmas day evening my dad is flying in and will be staying with my husband and I till Jan. 2nd. I can't wait to see my dad! Hope your Christmas is a blessed one!

Giraffeman said...

Tomorrow I'm going to work and then over to Annemarie's parent's place for christmas eve. Then christmas day getting up early and driving over to columbus to see my sister and her husband and my dad and stepmom and edmond fitzgerald. I hope the weather is good. Then I work all weekend. as far as special food, I don't think we're really having any. I'll have subway tomorrow. Does that count?

Annemarie said...

ummm, late to the game as usual, he said it all :)

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