Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't Rain on My Parade...

We had an unusual thing happening in our back yard, and it started about a month ago. I wish I had some pictures of what we started with, but just imagine a very plain 17 foot flat-bed trailer. A blank canvas, just waiting to be turned into this masterpiece:

Our church men's group, under the direction of my very patient husband, Tracy, worked on this every Saturday for a month! They worked really hard, and I was impressed with their creativity. The decorations were created and attached by our church scrapbooking group. I think it turned out great.
John made the cake topper out of styrofoam and painted it. How cool is that! The cake decorations are tissue paper flowers.
also really glad I got Tracy that air compressor last Christmas, because it was used for every part of this project.

Tracy used our wedding runner to cover the seats. Sometimes I wonder why on earth he would save something like that and then it turns out to be exactly right for something else. I guess Maggie liked it too, because she hopped right up there just before I took the picture.

We finished decorating everything the night before the parade. Fortunately, we covered the entire thing with a boatload of plastic sheeting. Unfortunately, while everyone was waiting to ride in the parade, it started POURING. This was shortly after Tracy hopped on the motorcycle with Katie so that he could drop her off to ride in the parade. I saw a few pictures from the parade and I think the float held up pretty well--I think they just took off some streamers. Everyone was totally soaked, but they had a great time.

Note to self: No more float building! It's hard work! And it makes Tracy grumpy!


Shawna said...

That is so neat!! I'd loved to have seen the parade. Thanks for stopping by Scamp's Place!

Laurie said...

That's really cool that incorporated things from your wedding! :)