Sunday, October 19, 2008

Katie's Birthday & Spa Party

Katie is 13 now! That's just crazy. 2 weeks ago was her birthday, and since it was one of those big deal birthdays, she got to have a sleepover party. She wanted a spa theme. She's not into a lot of girly things, but she loves pedicures. What's not to love about pedicures? She came up with a lot of the party ideas herself. I was impressed!

We made some cool invitations a couple of weeks ago...sorry, I don't have a picture of that. (Actually, there are a lot of things I didn't get pictures of, but oh well.) Katie found spa pictures online, I typed something up, and we went to Office Depot and had them printed on some shimmery paper.

I made up goody bags for each of the girls. Most of the stuff came from the dollar store! I didn't spend a lot, and I think they were all impressed with what they got to take home. Here's what I put together.

Large Cosmetic Bag:
Lavender & Vanilla Sugar Scrub
Green Tea Bath Bomb
Bath Poof
Lip Gloss Charm (I attached that to the zipper)

Small Cosmetic Bag:
Pedicure Set (file, orange stick, clippers, toe separators, etc)
Mini Nail Polish

I used a terry cloth headband to hold the 2 bags together.
By the way, all of that stuff was less than $7 per girl. Gotta love Dollar Tree!

For dinner, everyone got to make their own pizza. That was a big hit! I made the crust and the sauce myself, and let them put on their own toppings: sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and cheese. While the pizzas were baking, the girls played a game.

After dinner, they got in the hot tub for a while. After the hot tub, the girls changed into their pj's so they could be comfy for their spa treatments. Then, Katie opened her gifts and we had dessert. She requested peanut butter pie instead of cake!

At this point, Tracy made a beeline for the basement, which was his "man cave" for the evening.

The girls sat down and started watching "Titanic" on TV, so I went out to the kitchen and got them some drinks. I made a slushy mixture out of frozen lemonade concentrate, frozen orange juice concentrate, and pineapple juice. I scooped some of the slush into a margarita glass for each of them, then poured lemon-lime soda over it. They thought it was great that they got to have 'margaritas.'

We made 2 spa treatments for the girls to try, a chocolate facial and a strawberry exfoliating scrub. I got the recipes from Spa Index. Here's a picture of them with the chocolate facial mask on. This makes up for all the pictures I didn't take through the night. It's priceless!

While they were watching the movie, we started on pedicures. I got these tubs from the dollar store, too. I added some pineapple & coconut bath salts to each tub, and they soaked for a while. Afterwards, they put on some pineapple & coconut body butter and then put their socks on to keep the moisture in. By this time, it was pretty late and I was getting tired!

After the spa treatments, they all went upstairs to put on makeup and play truth or dare. Katie found these truth questions and dare ideas, and then I made up some others. This was all totally her idea. We cut them apart into strips, and put all the truth questions in one cup and the dares in another. When each girl's turn came, they picked a truth or a dare from the cup and did whatever it said.

In the morning, we had donuts with milk and juice for breakfast. By the time everyone got up and had breakfast, it was already time for them to go home!

I didn't go into a ton of detail on a lot of the party stuff, so if you want more info on something, just let me know! I'd be happy to share my ideas and recipes.

Also, here's a party planning tip: plan out your party activities, but you don't have to follow it exactly! As long as the girls were having fun, I wasn't going to push them to do start doing another activity. So they didn't get their nails painted, oh well. Less mess to clean up, I guess! What matters is that Katie and her friends had fun.

Now, thankfully, it's over. It only took me 2 weeks to recover!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you'll see this or not. :o) I am planning on doing the chocolate facial at my daughter's party for about 10 girls. I was wondering how much stuff the recipe made. Thanks!

Yet said...

Sounds like great fun!!! What a great Mom!!

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