Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I guess I'm getting a car...

I wasn't planning on doing this until October, but that's life, right? Today Tracy's truck decided it didn't want to go anymore. It's possible that there's some minor issue that could be easily fixed, but we're both tired of having one not-so-reliable vehicle all the time. So, this evening (after we had the truck towed) we went car shopping. I found two that I liked:

Option 1: 2007 Pontiac G6

Option 2: 2006 Hyundai Tucson

The G6 is pretty much loaded--moonroof, power everything...you get the idea. Stuff I've never had in a car before! Our salesman was nice enough to let me take this one home overnight to give it a try.

The Tucson is the type of vehicle I was originally looking for, a smaller SUV. With this, we'd still have a little bit of hauling capacity to make up for not having a truck. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it is great to drive! I like sitting up higher--but that probably has something to do with me being so short. Maybe tomorrow night I can bring this one home. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask!

Problem is, I really like both of them, but I can only choose 1. Help!


Annemarie said...

I loved my hyundai, so I don't think there's a quality issue, and I think it might actually be more reliable than the sedan, but I really like the look of the g6. Hmmmmmm. Is there a big price difference?

Giraffeman said...

you should also look at the toyota RAV 4 and the (I can't believe I'm saying this) Honda Element. Also possibly the honda pilot. I think the dodge caliber would also be similar to what you are looking for, but hasn't been out too long. The G6 is a nice car. I love the drop head versions. I'll keep thinking and see what else I can think of.

Giraffeman said...

Ooooo also the honda CR-V is pretty good.

Charlotte said...

Ok, here's my list of pros and cons for each. It's a short list...but only because I left things off that each of them have in common that I liked.

1. slightly better gas mileage
2. moonroof
1. visibility issues

1. great visibility
2. lower prices
3. has more factory warranty left
4. more space to haul things around
1. slightly worse gas mileage

Bradford family blog said...

Go for the Hyundai! :) I think you like the sound of that one overall better!! Good luck...