Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Never say never...

I guess I can't really say anything about never winning (which I did in a previous post), because now I've won 5 different things from blog giveaways. I've gotten one thing in the mail already, a necklace, and I aboslutely love it! I'm going to do a whole post on what I won and which blog it was from, but I'll do that after everything gets to my house.

I had so much fun entering all the giveaways, I'm thinking about doing my own giveaway sometime soon. Any suggestions?


micaela6955 said...

I don't have any real suggestions other than to go with something you think will appeal to everyone-I am not a crafty person (but I SO wish I was!) so my first giveaway I have going on now is a digital photo keychain... Come on over and say hi and enter! I am fairly new to blogging but have been very lucky with giveaways, and have met so many wonderful people as well. To me, that is the real win. Good luck in future giveaways and hope you come up with something fun for your giveaway should you have one! And be sure to let me know,and I will stop by!

Laurie said...

Guess what? You have also won my giveaway for Save the TaTas t-shirt for your friend Gail. Please e-mail me your (or her) mailing information. :)