Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pop Up Flower Card & Mini Booklet -- Video Tutorials!

We get a lot of really great ideas at card club each month! On Sunday, we did two projects. I was even able to find video tutorials, so you can make your own!

Project #1
The first thing we made was a pop up flower card. Since I'm not great at photographing cards anyway, there's no way I could get a decent picture of the inside. I was really excited when I checked my email today and found the link to this video:

Isn't that neat? You make seven of those flowers and stick them together, and that's it! For our cards, we stamped the flower centers instead of using a marker, and the outside was a piece of colored cardstock that we embellished with a sticker and a stamped butterfly image.

Project #2
We also made a little 8 page booklet with pockets. We used a 12x12 sheet of double sided paper, and another small piece of matching paper for the cover. This would be great for lots of things -- little gifts, storing gift cards or business cards, a photo holder to carry around in your purse, or maybe even to keep track of receipts while you're traveling. Anyway, here's the video for this one:

I saw several different ideas while I was looking around for the video for this, and you don't necessarily have to put the little cover on the outside. Some people punched holes and used ribbon, and others used one of those bind-it-all machines (something I don't have) to make their booklets. We put a long piece of ribbon on the inside to tie the book closed.

I hope you like these as much as I do--give them a try!


Annemarie said...

How do you find all of this cool stuff to do? I'm sitting at home, trying to learn to knit on my own!

Steph said...

Great videos, thanks for sharing them!!

Anonymous said...

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